1. What is Kokni Chamber for Commerce & Industry?

Kokni Chamber for Commerce & Industry also known as KCCI has been conceptualized in 2017 and registered in RoC on January 2019 as a section 8 company which is a non-profit making organisation. It is a Kokni Muslims Entrepreneurs membership association that provides networking, marketing, resources and referrals for your business.

2. Where is the registered office of KCCI?

We are registered in Goregaon - Mumbai and for now operate mainly through virtual network, a physical presence will be created as and when the team grows and the need for the same is established.

3. Why should you become a member of a KCCI?

As a KCCI member you can reach potential customers & clients within the greater Kokni Community and increase the sales. This will also give a major boost to our Kokni Muslims community image. A recent national survey found that consumers are 63% more likely to buy from KCCI members. We also provide various opportunities for our members to promote their businesses.

4. Is the KCCI part of local government?

No, KCCI is not a part of Local government, but does intend to work closely with related Government agencies, Municipalities etc. to communicate important business and community news and information to our local or International businesses.

5. How many members does the KCCI have?

KCCI has not opened up the membership yet but intends to do the same soon, however we have seen a lot of support and growth in our marketplace initiative on FB and we have over 5000 members from almost every business category active there and we are growing every day.

6. Do I need to be located in Maharashtra or anywhere in India or any part of the World to join as KCCI Member?

All Kokni Muslims are eligible for membership, can register as Associate Member, personally as well as in the name of Business / Legal Entity / Professional body, regardless of any location.

7. When are your “meetings”, “Seminars” & “Festivals Celebrations”?

KCCI hosts over 3 events each year and regular meetings every month, including a networking events, professional meetings after business hours. Organize seminars, workshops, Webinars and interactive sessions on topics impacting policy changes or new policy initiatives. The KCCI shall also host expos, one day Workshops and many joint events with other Chambers of Commerce in and outside India.

8. What advertising and marketing opportunities are available to members?

KCCI members may advertise in a variety of electronic and print media vehicles including our monthly electronic newsletter, a weekly Eblast, annual community guide, and street map. There are various sponsorship opportunities as well. KCCI has recently created a market place for all small and medium enterprise entrepreneurs and the community is growing rapidly in numbers while we have close to 5000 members over there, almost 200 plus postings are happening there on daily basis. We are also creating a Online Business Directory which will have lot of scope for advertising, promotion and inter networking amongst members.

9. How much does it cost to join?

Currently we are requesting people to become an associate, while the membership cost and benefit analysis is being conducted by the core team. We shall make announcement of the same when we have agreed for the same.

10. Does KCCI offers Business and Investment Consultancy Services?

KCCI does have a panel of experts who from time to time basis will advise or mentor the project owners, this can further be developed to the next level where the proposal maker can personally contract services of these experts for his business growth on proffessional grounds.
This has happened in the past and we have classy case where mentoring and hand holding was done initially and later one of the expert is now on board over looking the growth road map for the project in his proffessional capacity.

11. Is KCCI support limited to India or does it support globally?

KCCI shall very soon build up its Global Network based on membership from different location, Industries, organization. KCCI will strive to bring in and arrange B-to-B contacts between businesses and ultimate endeavor will be to support each other within and outside the country and promote ethical business practices. The main aim is to make KCCI GLOBAL in near future.

12. I want to set up a business – what help can I get?

KCCI Team can articulate genuine and legitimate needs of members with statutory bodies. You can contact your local Accredited KCCI representative to find out what help and support is available locally. The Indian Government also provides guidance for starting up a new business.

13. Is there a funding support for the project? Does KCCI connect fund seeker to the investors? Does KCCI guarantee investor for their investment made to fund seeker?

KCCI will attempt to connect both the parties i.e. Investor and fund seeker and leave the decision to the investors. KCCI will not guarantee but will make attempt and ensure best connectivity. Strict rules and regulations will be made for members so that in order to retain the membership they should not indulge in unethical business practices.

14. Did KCCI share data of registered associate’s members with any outside agency?

No, unless and until legally required to provide the details as per government rules and regulations.

15. What is the process to submit investment proposal and what are the guidelines to get approved the submitted proposals?

The proposal can be send across to us on support@kcci.biz id and the same will be reviewed by the team for assessing the way forward in terms of support from our end.

16. Are there any specific Industry investors interested to invest?

None, the investors are open to opportunities and assess the investment feasibility pure basis ability of the project proposer and scope of the project in existing market.

17. Is there any fees to submit investment proposal?

There is no fee for submission of projects.

18. Is there any career guidance programs for students, graduates, professionals?

Team KCCI surely plans to design guidance programs for students and professional, in past also few such programs have been executed by KCCI. One such program was conducted on Mumbai University premises in association with Mumbai University for more then 100 attendees

19. Are there any job portals for Industry and business houses specially for Kokni Muslims who are members of KCCI?

Team KCCI does not have any such portal as of now, but this could be looked at from future perspective. There are other social organisation’s working on this agenda and we would not encourage any duplication of effort to further confuse the community.

20. Any International affiliations to KCCI?

Team KCCI is taking baby steps to grow and firmly moving forward, as of now we do not have any affiliation but in next few financial quarters we will plan to put this in place.

21. What is the importance of commerce?

Commerce is a very important part of any business. Why, you say? Well, because it attempts to satisfy human needs and wants. It also contributes to linking producers of certain products and services with the customers who require them.

22. How does Community Benefit from the KCCI?

Every community member associated with trade and commerce gets a platform to promote and market his products and services within the community network which leads to circulation of funds within the community and growth of member within the network which will be global.

23. How does KCCI make money?

Main source of Income for KCCI is Membership fees and donations from the members for proposed projects from time to time basis. Business owners pay membership fees to join the KCCI. Primarily, this remains the KCCI's most likely source of funding. Anyone who desires to join KCCI as a member has to pay the necessary fees. KCCI will design and offer different membership packages.

24. How do I become an Associate member?

After submitting an application form, your application will be presented for approval to the Executive Board; Once they have confirmed your membership becomes effective. An email will be sent to the member from Executive board for his information and record.

25. Do I need to be a Businessman to be an Associate Member?

Team KCCI wants to connect every Kokni through this effort and hence each Kokni should fill the form to be an associate, An associate can be a future entrepreneur, a connector of business for current entrepreneur or can be an end consumer of the products being manufactured and marketed by the entrepreneurs.

26. How can I make a difference?

Your support and association with KCCI in any and every capacity will give our team to build a robust platform for the community and pass the same to our generations to come. This is the least that every Kokni should do, Join KCCI for a better future of one and all.